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Jump Into the Action as a Ship Superintendent


Jump Into the Action as a Ship Superintendent

When it comes to maritime professions, the possibilities are endless, both at sea and on shore.

For Alexandre, it was the trade of Ship Superintendent that was appealing. After 10 years working in mines, his interest for the maritime industry grew and now he’s in charge of making sure that every ship that arrives in port is loaded and unloaded in an optimal way.

Discover a day in his life and his inspiring story.

Usually, since I live very close to the port, I have the chance to get up only 30 minutes before my shift. But today is an exception.

I don’t know if we’ve set new records, but this week, we’ve had a lot of ships to manage. And I must admit that it feels good and it’s exciting! The last few days have been busy and I want to make sure that this week ends on a positive note. So I get up an hour and a half before starting my shift. This way, I can take the time to eat well, drink a good coffee and take a long detour on my motorbike before starting the day.

7:30 a.m. — I arrive at the port. If my intuition is right, the ship that’s here has not been fully unloaded yet, but the job is almost done. I meet with the Superintendent that was on the previous shift, and then I have my usual start-of-shift meeting with the Longshoremen on site to summarize the day’s operations and finalize the unloading with the crew in place. Everything is going perfectly and time flies.

Around 1:30 p.m., after a well-deserved 1-hour break, it’s time for another ship to enter. I meet with the ship’s Chief Officer to agree on a loading plan, I check that all the Longshoremen are the meeting point and we start the operations. While loading, I make sure to maximize the optimization of sequences and operations with the Longshoremen. This ensures that we do our job well, as quickly and efficiently as possible, all while respecting the environment, the health and safety of everyone.

It might sound like routine, but on the contrary : each ship represents a new challenge due, among other things, to the many peculiarities of the ships and their cargo. And I can’t see the day when I’ll be tired of doing this day after day.

I am fortunate to work for an amazing company. At QSL, people are put forward and their qualities allow us to evolve in a stimulating and rewarding environment.

4:00 p.m. already : after another busy day, I fill out my daily report and once again have this feeling of pride of a job well done.

And while I love my job and the people I work with, it’s always nice to end your work week. Now, I can enjoy a few days off and beautiful weather at the cottage.

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